Why Choose Us


Elite Surgical Center is more efficient and dependable than a hospital operating room: Scheduled surgeries at Elite Surgical Center do not get bumped by emergencies as they can in a hospital. Patients having surgery come in only one hour before their procedure. Unlike most hospitals where erratic scheduling and extended shifts can be routine, our nursing staff is always rested, bright and alert to our patients’ every need.


Elite Surgical Center is a much more pleasant experience for our patients than a hospital operating room. In a hospital you may wait for surgery in the company of people being treated for drug overdose, trauma, and other unpleasant conditions. At Elite Surgical Center, there is virtually no waiting. Patients come to the center for simpler, often elective surgery. The designers of the Elite Surgical Center realize that outpatient surgery can often be an apprehensive experience. For this reason, the center focuses on warmth and comfort; elements, which help produce the most pleasant, relaxed outpatient experience possible.


Elite Surgical Center cares for a variety of medical and surgical needs. These include orthopedics, neuro/spine, podiatry surgery, and pain management.


Elite Surgical Center is very price competitive, compared to that of a hospital operating room.


It is estimated that by the year 2000 over 70% of surgeries will be outpatient procedures. With this and other center’s performing outpatient surgeries, hospitals will be free to concentrate on what they do best, in-patient care.